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T A G  S I Z E S

Unless other sizes are stated on the product pages these are the measurements on the tags.


Small tags: 16mm

Medium tags: 20mm/22mm

Large tags: 22mm/25mm

Pendants: 14mm/16mm

Keychains: 25mm/27mm

We will adjust all the designs to every tag size and we will also resize the text in the designs to suit the size of the pieces as best possible.

T A K I N G  C A R E  OF  Y O U R  TAG

All of our products have been applied a layer of wax to better conserve the metal, protect them from moisture, and protect them from tarnishing.


Please note that all of our tags are made of real metal. We mainly use aluminum and brass on our tags. With that being said, metal will tarnish, oxidize and wear out over time.

If you notice dark spots og discoloration on your tag, do not worry.

Follow the simple steps listed and you tag will be as good as new: 


What to do if your tag is tarnishing:

To eliminate the tarnish, use super fine 0000 steel wool and gently buff your tag. 

To prevent your tag from tarnishing make sure you keep your tag dry. If your tag gets dirty or wet use a damp cloth and wipe it gently dry. Make sure you dry the tag well after wiping.

What to do if you notice fading on your design/text:

You can refill your design/text by using a sharpie. Right after you've refilled the design/text, wipe away the excess with super fine 0000 steel wool. 

Good as new! 

P R O D U C T I O N   T I M E

As everything is handmade to order, please allow 5-10 working days for items to be dispatched. If you live in Norway you can normally expect to receive your order within 2-3 working days after dispatch. For international shipping you can normally expect to receive your order with 6-10 working days after dispatch. Shipping during holiday seasons may take longer and we advice you to place your order early.

Please note that during busy periods our turnaround time can be longer, but we'll always do our best to keep our timeframe. 

Please bear in mind that all products sold by this company are handmade and unique, and will come with minor differences from pictures used as examples. 

We don't separate between small and large letters in your orders, even though you've specified this. This is simply because not all fonts come in small and large letters.


The cost of shipping depends on where in the world you live and the total weight of your purchase. We will always do our best to make this as reasonable and reliable as possible for our costumers.


All packages are sent without tracking. If the package should get lost during shipping, Kasper & Lucas is not responsible. Please contact us for information on tracking.

Posten and Bring is our sole shipping provider. 


If you by any means are not pleased with your product, feel free to contact us, and we'll sort it out in the best way possible.

Please bear in mind that all products sold by this company are handmade and unique, and will come with minor differences from pictures used as examples. 

Personal orders are non refundable unless the product is defect.

We stamp the information provided by you, and we are not responsible for any spelling mistakes made by yourself on our hand stamped products. If the mistake is made by us, we will provide for a new item. 


We accept both debit and credit cards, VIPPS and PayPal. 

Orders will not be proceeded until payment is confirmed. 


Kasper & Lucas are not responsible for any customs or import taxes that may apply shipping our products to your country. 

It's entirely up to our customers to pay this fee.  

Kasper & Lucas Design is not responsible for any loss, damage or injuries of/to the product or the user of the products.

For the safety your pet, never leave them unattended whilst wearing our products. 

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