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Sponsorships and giveaways

We are so happy you like our products and want to be our ambassador, or want our products for contests/giveaways.


However, we can't accept all the request we get, whether it is a request to become part of our ambassador team, or free products for giveaways/contests. 

We will announce new ambassador searches on our instagram account @kasperandlucasdesign.

We've made some guidelines to follow for those interested in becoming an ambassador for our products and for those wanting products for giveaways/contests. 

To get considered as an ambassador:

-  Name and age of the account holder

- What country and city you're from

-Why do you want to be a part of our ambassador team?

- What's in it for Kasper & Lucas Design?

- Name of the social media account products will be displayed on

- Do you have any other sponsors? If yes, which one(s)?

To get considered for giveaways or contests etc.:

-  Name and age of the account holder

- What country and city your from

- Name of the account that'll be responsible for the giveaway/contest

- What's the purpose of the giveaway?

- Will there be more than one sponsor of the giveaway/contest? If yes, list the names of the other sponsors. 

- If possible, share information on your engagement and insights on the given social media account. 

All requests must be emailed to:,

subject: ambassador search OR Products for giveaways/contests. 

Photo: Marije Baan // Moments like this

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