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(please note this is only the bracelet. The matching collar must be added to cart separetly.) 


Want to match your pet - or simply just look stunning by yourself? Then this is the bracelet for you. 


One size fits all. Adjustable.


Beadwork has been a huge part of the Maasai culture for hundreds of years. For the Maasais, beaded jewellry represents strength, warriorhood, wealth, beauty and other cultural traditions. Their practice of beadwork is specifically done by women, handed down from mothers to daughters. 


The bracelets we sell at Kasper & Lucas design are all handmade and hand beaded by over a 150 strong, independant women, age 18-60 (NO child labour), from the districts surrounding Basecamp Maasai Mara, Kenya. Basecamp Maasai Brand's vision is to give 'The Mamas' their own sallary, so that they, on their own, can provide for their families.

For most of these women this is the only possibility for payed work, making it possible for them to send their loved ones of to school, health care, and to provide food and better housing for their families. 


Each woman directly receives 75% of the income for the product she's made. The remaining 25% covers the costs of materials,  equipment and sallary for the Masaai leaders of the project. 

This project is Fairtrade Ceritified. 


Being Fairtade Certified ensures women's rights to fair pay, fair play, a sustainable income, which also gives their families a chance to educate and go to school.

The collars are produced in accordance with Fairtrade International's rigorous environmental, economic and social standards.


'Endito' means 'daughter' in Masaai.

Endito - bracelet (armbånd) - match your pet!

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